Know Yourself First

We all think we know ourselves. And, of course, as we get older we begin to think there is no more to learn. We get it. We know our idiosyncrasies, oddities, likes, and dislikes. We know what causes stress, makes us happy and brings us joy. Easy right?

In our ongoing look at self-awareness, we thought it would be great to offer up some of the tools available. When I entered my second marriage in my mid-forties, we took the Preparing for Marriage course at North Coast Church. Although some of it was geared towards that twenty-something first-time marriage, there was a lot of good stuff for us “older” folks. One of the most interesting was the Myers-Briggs Personality Profile. Me being an INTJ and my husband being an ESFP – exact opposites. Most of it is we kind of knew but the biggie was me being an “N” and he being an “S”. I jump from A-Z. I think of something and do it. No in-between steps, no planning, big risk taker. Mick maps it out, needs all the steps, plans the budget, etc, etc. Drives me nuts! And, I drive him nuts.  This was a BIG communication piece for us. A game-changer in our relationship and marriage.

So, in doing some research, we found a great article from our friends at that we are sharing with you today. Enjoy and learn.

A Tool I Wish I’d Had Before I Married My Husband