How Do We Respond?

A Note from Pastor Terry

Wow…Isn’t it kind of amazing to pause and realize we’ve now been living under the “new normal” of the stay-at-home order for over a month?  And isn’t it equally assuring to understand that the order has indeed, brought about its intended effect; flattening the curve in order to manage the spread and infection rate of this silent killer; as well as, allowing our first responders and healthcare heroes a better opportunity to treat and care for those afflicted?

Still, State and Federal officials continue to caution us that we’re not out of the woods yet and that “unlatching the parachute before we’ve landed” would be unwise, potentially causing a resurgence in the number of infections and potential deaths. And yet, there’s an almost palpable anxiousness within much of the population.  Not all, but some are beginning to exhibit an understandably strong desire to ease restrictions, get back to work, worship together, or at least experience more freedom outdoors, especially as the weather springs forward.

In the coming weeks, there are going to continue to be differing opinions on what a person should and shouldn’t be doing in dealing with the Coronavirus.  Which recreational, service, and business operations should reopen, Who should be allowed to go back to work, which size groups should be allowed to assemble again and when?  How we disagree as Christians is actually more important than exactly what we agree on regarding this topic.

Did you get that?  Our focus should be on how we, as followers of Jesus, represent Him as we speak with people about things we’re passionate about, especially where we happen to disagree on any particular topic. Talking things out is good. With the right attitude, we can gain new perspectives and even learn a few things from one another.  But in doing so, it’s important to maintain our humility, empathy, and compassion.  Perhaps you’ve heard the admonishment, “don’t judge a person based on the chapter you walked in on?”

These are times filled with uncertainty and fear. To those, we may now be tempted to add dissension or disagreement.  One person’s mega-crisis might be another’s sanctuary.  Some have lost much, others, very little.  The way we meet together as a church and in our small groups has changed, but we will persevere. Because the Church is not a building. It is not brick and mortar. It is the Body of Christ. It is all of us, honoring God, no matter our circumstance. Any place, any time, any day…We are still the Church!

This is our opportunity to show the world what it truly means to be a Christ-follower.  And believe me, Church, the world will be watching.  Disciples operate under discipline.  How we respond in these times can reflect God’s purpose in all of this and help bring people to Him who’ve previously been resistant. We’ve seen it happening!  Let’s continue to do our part.

May we continue to seek His guidance as well as His provision.  May we behave as people under His authority and Lordship.  That we allow him to search our hearts and to guard and influence our minds, spirits, and especially our speech.  So that we are wonderful representatives and ambassadors; to His Glory.

Let’s pray and ask God to lead us to speak and act as He would have us in every situation; that He would have us say and do only those things that make things better and amplify Him.   Below is a short video that helped me to keep things in perspective this week.  May it be a blessing to you, as well.

God’s Peace,