…and then there were four

Every year, as we set out to plan for our Summer4Singles Learning Series for the Single Adult Ministries, we do so, knowing that what we start with is not what we will ultimately end up offering. It’s simply part of the process. Begin with the big picture and allow the process to develop into what ultimately becomes our reality. We engage the leaders within the ministry to provide input and cast their votes as to which series should (and maybe should not) be offered, work out the logistics and offer them to the ministry. And that’s where we are today.

With our Summer Series set to kick off, the people have spoken! An inevitable part of the process is that not every class will fly. And so it is that we made the difficult decision this week to withdraw two of the classes we’d originally offered; The Chosen and The Shack Revisited. There simply were not enough people pre-registered for these two series to ensure a good community and small-group discussion experience.

That said, there are a number of other great options being offered at North Coast this summer, both through the Singles Ministry and the church at large. If you’ve not yet signed up for a summer class, I strongly encourage you to do so! Classes range in length from one session to seven and meet on various nights of the week on our various campuses. You can find out more by clicking on this link. And, if you need a bit more encouragement to not forsake the habit or develop the discipline for lifelong learning, I invite you to read the following blog, entitled, Never Stop Learning, written by James Eldridge and posted on Boundless, the singles’ site that’s part of Focus On The Family. Maintain a teachable spirit, never stop growing through learning, humble yourself and express the genuine love of Christ to those around you, and watch how your life continues to get better and better.

Right here with you,


Never Stop Learning

James Eldridge