What Women Look For in a Man

(This list is comprised of points from several current websites.)

Women are looking for a man with these qualities:
1. A man of Honesty. This is the NUMBER ONE trait that women look for in a man. That doesn’t mean to be brutally honest and hurt her, but we want to know that we can trust that what you are telling us is the truth.

2. A man of Confidence. Not wimpy, apologizing for everything. Be real, be you.

3. A sense of Humor. Women love a man who can make her laugh. If you are dull, you are boring. If you make a woman laugh, you are halfway home. Take a chance, be real, but be funny.

4. An ability to Listen to them. Yes, even the gripes and details of
all the craziness, and without giving advice.

5. A man who is Loyal to them, they want to know you will be faithful. Be a man of character and you will reap a relationship built on trust.

6. A man with Manners: Little things like manners are very important. Women don’t want their man to drive up and reach over from the driver’s seat and open the passenger door or just wait for us to open the door. A little old fashioned chivalry goes a long way.

7. A man who is Hardworking, Goal oriented and Generous

8. A man who is a True Friend. Friendship that is demonstrated through sharing both the good times as well as problems. Listen to her and be there.

9. A sense of Security and unconditional love to know that this man will be there if she becomes sick or when she grows old and flabby.

10. A man who Shares Values with them. Some say that opposites attract. However, women like men who share the same ideas and values. We like our men to have the same thoughts as us on politics, religion, having babies, etc.

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