Four Relationship Dates

By Dr. Jim Bouck   |  Single Adult Ministry  |  North Coast Church

Four Relationship Dates is a tool designed to assist Christian Single adults who are interested in exploring the possibilities of marriage to one another.  The goal is to deepen the friendship foundation already established in order to provide a foundation for a potential future together.  This “friendship” foundation is often a missing ingredient in today’s marriages. This tool is not designed for those dating simply for the fun of dating.  We suggest that “Four Friendship Dates” would better suit your needs.  

Many couples move quickly from their first meeting or date, from being just an acquaintance into a more intimate relationship.  When they do this they bypass developing a friendship.  This couple will probably skip any spiritual communication and move directly into a physical relationship or even marriage.  When a couple neglects to build a friendship foundation for their marriage the results are often painful or even catastrophic.

Four Relationship Dates will help bring to light areas in one another’s lives that a successful marriage would want uncovered and discussed before the wedding.  These questions are designed to be fun, thought provoking and revealing.   One’s reluctance to answer certain questions could be a yellow flag that you’re not quite ready to move into a deeper level of relationship.

This tool is not designed to serve as premarital counseling, but will assist in preparation for that process.

Four Relationship Dates Documents

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