Four Friendship Dates

By Dr. Jim Bouck | Single Adult Ministry | North Coast Church

Four Friendship Dates is a tool designed to assist Christian Single adults who have a desire to grow in communication skills and friendship building.  It is also helpful for those who may be interested in exploring whether there is potential for a healthy relationship with a certain person. 

Many couples move quickly from their first meeting or the acquaintance level and bypass the development of a friendship.  They also skip any spiritual communication and move directly into a physical relationship or even marriage.  They do this without making the effort to know who this person really is or taking the time to build a solid friendship foundation.  This shortcut often results in painful or even catastrophic consequences.

This covenant is designed to address just such a problem.  It will also help avoid hurt feelings from unmet expectations in a relationship.  If it seems restrictive to you, this may not be the best tool or right time to use it.

Because Friendship is genderless this exercise may be initiated by either a guy or gal.

Four Friendship Dates Documents

Download the covenant and guides for Four Friendship Dates: