How Can I Make This The Best Year Yet?


It would include the things we all desire…

  • Meaningful Relationships – real sharing
  • Memorable Experiences – fun and exciting
  • Significant Contributions – to friends or ministry
  • Freedom from Setbacks- health or financial issues
  • Pleasing to God- life investments that are eternal

What keeps us from planning and living large?

  • Disappointments with others and ourselves
  • Obligations and responsibilities that restrict us
  • Physical limitations that limit our mobility
  • Unfulfilled dreams… “Things never work out”
  • Aging lowers our energy level and our desires

It’s easy to settle for status quo, for business as usual, for life in a rut with each year looking like the last.

As we age, most of us face the thought that it’s too late to dream or make big plans. But God reminds us of Abraham who was seventy-five years old when he obeyed God’s command to leave his homeland and serve Him in the land of Canaan, and Moses who was eighty years old when God asked him to lead His people out of Egypt.

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