SAM Summer Series – The Phoenix Paradigm

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This event finished on 10 August 2017



Mike Hunter’s, The Phoenix Paradigm
Thursdays, July 6 – August 10
7-9pm in Live

The Phoenix paradigm workshop provides a realistic,
comprehensive view of what constitutes real and
realistic success in all aspects of life in the 21st century
from a Bible based perspective. It goes on to share with
participants what to expect along their pathway and lays
out a timeless and proven road map to clarify,
take action and achieve their best life.
It also includes personal exploration, diagnosis and insights
into themselves, their vision, desires, skills and capabilities
and how to leverage them to accomplish their dreams,
goals and objectives starting from where they are in life now.
Instead of looking at the past as so many programs
(divorce care, etc) do, it looks forward to helping you
shape your thinking, actions and connections toward
building/rebuilding toward the abundant life Jesus promised.

Questions, call Keri at 760.330.9256